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Deluxe Aesthetics Academy is strictly following all the Government's legal requirements in providing a COVID-19-safe environment, so it is absolutely mandatory for all students to comply with all guidelines issued.

Students are required to wear clean uniform and shoes during school hours.

Hair should be tied back and no jewellery or nail varnish is to worn.

Students are recommended not to bring jewellery, money or other valuables into the school, as Deluxe Aesthetics Academy cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of property.
Chewing gum is not allowed on the school premises.

All distributed Theory and Computerised Notes are for the student’s sole use and should not be copied or otherwise distributed under School Copyright policies.

Students are advised to review Theory notes regularly as required.

All Training Fees (including deposits) are non-refundable!

Exceptions are being made only in situations where clients are facing extenuating circumstances, in which case they will be required to present official proof and will do so at least 10 days before their training is due.

Course fee not refundable after attending the course.


Our "REFRESH" Courses will be charged as a percentage from the total price of the available course, as it follows:

  • 3 months after obtaining the qualification - pay only 30%

  • 6 months after obtaining the qualification - pay only 60%

  • over 6 months - 100% (full price of the course)

In the interest of keeping courses and course material as up to date as possible, Deluxe Aesthetics Academy reserves the right to make changes to curricula and syllabi without prior notice.

Disreputable behaviour of students towards themselves, other students, tutors, equipment or which harms the reputation of Deluxe Aesthetics Academy are grounds for instant dismissal with all existing course fees being forfeited.

General conditions of booking 

Deluxe Aesthetics Academy reserves the right to decline admission to any of its training courses. 

Deluxe Aesthetics Academy reserves the right to cancel or change planned training courses in terms of dates, locations, and course content. You will be notified in advance of any planning changes and an alternative date will be offered.

We will not offer a refund if we need to change a date. 

​Deluxe Aesthetics Academy reserves the right to suspend online training of Qualifi Regulated Courses agreed previously through instalment payments for any student who does not make the payment on the established date.

Discounted Courses

All courses that are discounted or have a discretionary price reduction attached are non-refundable.



Deluxe Aesthetics Academy takes pride in the quality of its service and as such will try to resolve any complaints as quickly as possible. 

Complaints about any aspect of Deluxe Aesthetics Academy should be made in writing by emailing Be aware, we will not answer to any of the complain by text message.    

Complaints received in writing will be acknowledged by return email or letter within one week of receipt.  

Deluxe Aesthetics Academy does not offer refunds for training courses undertaken.  


Deluxe Aesthetics Academy will use its best endeavours to facilitate live models for all courses where appropriate. In the event that pre-booked models cancel and the tutor agrees the student has not seen the requisite number of models, Deluxe Aesthetics Academy will use its best endeavours to offer a date to return to complete your practical with an agreed number of live models.

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