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Replacement Digital (PDF) Certificate
by email

Who is entitled to order a certificate?

You will receive your certificate(s) on the final day of your course.

However, if needed, you can only order a Replacement Certificate if you have already purchased and finished a course with us.

We will NOT send certificates to people that are not registered students or they have not fully finished their course(s).

General Information:

Diploma certificates are issued by email within 2 working days of attending your training course(s). Certificates are provided as a digital certificate (by email only) to meet the needs of insurance providers & reduce our carbon footprint. Within 30 days of training, we will reissue the digital certificate free of charge. After 30 days*, a charge applies.

Optional printed (hard copies) by post are charged at £3 per certificate, if required. However, for hard copies please note the diploma will take the identical format as the PDF diploma provided to you by email and will be simply a printed copy on plain card for your convenience. For this reason many students will find it more economical & quicker to print their diplomas at home where required for display purposes etc.  Many beauty insurers prefer to receive the digital diploma supplied by email.

How to order your Replacement Certificate?

To order a replacement digital (PDF) certificate, please email our team directly at ensure you include the student’s full name and the number of certificates you require. The charge will be £3 per digital certificate. You will receive a reply as soon as possible and you will be directed on how to make the payment.

We aim to process your certificate request without delay. Once your payment is received, we will process your request and issue your certificate(s) within 5 working days.


If you have further questions or need any assistance, please contact our  Team at or call on 07376 632 437.

Replacement certificates for courses completed more than 5 years ago from today’s date cannot be issued due to limits on student data that can be held under GDPR regulations. We would recommend such students to contact their insurance provider to see if they hold a copy on file.

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