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Botox™ for underarm excessive sweating has been proven to be very safe and highly efficacious, successfully reducing underarm sweating by about 85%. Botox™ for underarm sweating works by inhibiting the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine that stimulates the activation of sweat glands, thereby decreasing the amount of sweat secreted.

  • You will attend a half day theory & practical training at Deluxe Aesthetics Academy where you will learn the practical skills of these treatments on live models overseen by your expert tutor. All practical training facilitated at Deluxe Aesthetics Academy will result in fully accredited CPD certification.


    You will learn:

    • The anatomy of the axillary region.
    • The pathophysiology of excessive sweating and how to differentiate between primary and secondary Hyperhidrosis.
    • Indications for Botox™ for underarm sweating such as primary Hyperhidrosis.
    • Contraindications to Botox™ for underarm sweating such as neuromuscular disorders, bleeding disorders, pregnancy, etc.
    • The pharmacology of botulinum toxin, knowledge of its storage, dilution and administration.
    • The patient consultation and assessment process that ensures optimum results.
    • Pre-treatment client evaluation.
    • Selection of candidates for treatment, management of patient expectations, anaesthesia use, as well as patient after-care.
    • Knowledge and understanding of possible complications or adverse effects and their management.
    • Carry out at least one Botox™ for underarm sweating treatment on a live model patient provided by DELUXE AESTHETICS ACADEMY


    We only accept maximum 4 students per class in order to maintain the highest teaching standards.

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