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DELUXE CLUB Subscription

DELUXE CLUB Subscription

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CLUB Subscription
Subscribe - Save on Training - Earn Full Access to The CLUB
£25.00every year until canceled

Join DELUXE CLUB - The UK's only online platform for aestheticians, prescribers, insurers, trainers, models & Aesthetics passionates!

  • This is an yearly subscription which offers you access to the CLUB & 10% discount on ALL trainings you enroll with Deluxe Aesthetics Academy during the subscribed period. It cannot be used by anyone else except you!

    Are you looking for a Training Centre, or for a Model, for Insurance or you simply need some advice? Then you must join DELUXE CLUB!

  • The Subscription belongs solely to the person who purchases it and cannot be passed on to somebody else or be used on someone's behalf. Any breach can lead to cancellation of the subscription (with no refund) and permanent deletion of the DELUXE CLUB Account. Once the purchase has been completed, no refund is aplicable!

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